About Us

 The story of XL Stainless goes back twenty years and beyond. Our founder and President ,Warren Scaife has always had a keen interest in learning  how things are put together ,the mechanics of their operation and he has the intellectual ability to develop strategies to overcome any obstacle placed before him. Drawing upon his past achievments and expertise in the automotive industry along with vast knowledge of fabrication techniques learned from the best in the business Warren has built his company up to be a respected and looked up to member of the community. From his early days of building race cars from the ground up for himself and other competitors Warren gained great respect with his peers for his talent and his impeccable work ethic. Today XL Stainless is well known for innovative solutions and we are held in high esteem by all of our customers from the high tech Pharmaceutical industry to the business of high end Home renovations,the transportation industry and many more. Whether you are in the market for a custom kitchen range hood and counter or a representative from an industry needing innovative fabrication to streamline a production line you can rest easy with XL Stainless on your side.