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Boat Products

As you may or may not know we service and repair boat products in the local Barrie area. So if you have a boat at the Marina in town and something breaks or needs to be repaired throughout the season, give us a call. We are quick to service and know our stuff!

Hello everybody this is Warren from XL Stainless. Let's talk about Marine products and services that we can help you out with. I’m holding a ladder, its just an old aluminum ladder, it’s a little dilapidated so were going to make up a new one for the customer; were going to make it out of stainless steel, not that it needs to be but that is what he wanted.

We can help you with your ladders, radar arches, swim platforms, and different railings for boats; Sometimes we make new ones and sometimes we repair the existing ones. We did a bit of a job a few years ago to make up a mechanism to bring a dingy up out of the water behind a cruiser type boat. We can help you out developing something like that for your boats if you are in the Simcoe Area or have specs you can send us, we can pretty much build anything from scratch. We have welded all kinds of small little boats in the Barrie area as well. Speaking of small little things, once in awhile we do heat exchangers on a snowmobile, when someone throws a stud out and it goes through the heat exchanger.

Keep us in mind for your small welding needs, or repairs or even new parts for marine applications and around your cottage, we are local to the Barrie. Like I said snowmobile repairs or little things like that you might need.

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