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Custom Bentley Car Parts

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Hello everybody! This is Warren from XL Stainless, in Barrie. I am here to talk you about some custom metal work that were doing on this car. We had a customer bring us this 2014 Bentley Mulsanne. He bought it in to us after it was already in an accident and needed the roof repaired. The roof is a part that is considered structural by Bentley and they won’t sell the roof to just anybody. The customer who brought it to us is actually a body shop here in Barrie, but they are not a registered repair facility with Bentley, they can’t buy that roof. The entire roof wasn’t damaged, it was just from the sunroof back and all the structural parts that you in the video. We actually took the roof off. Here is the original roof and you can see it is quite crushed. We have straightened it out some, just to help us get a better idea on what the actual shape should be for the rear window area. We removed each of these pieces and straightened them individually and then we welded them back on. They’re not quite done but we are just about finished getting those on and then we are going to make up a new roof skin and then we’re going to weld that on. This is an example. We do custom metal work on automotive or airplanes, mostly in the Barrie area but can take in cars from anywhere. Anything that requires custom work we have an English wheel and a power hammer. We have been doing this kind of thing for 15 to 20 years now in Barrie. If there is a part you need and can’t buy, or if you just want something really customized, we build complete cars and/or different parts as well. Keep us in mind. We are in Barrie but with the way things are now a days with pictures and emails its not too hard to get us the information so we can make something for you.

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