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Custom Copper Sink

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Hey everybody, its Warren here, from XL Stainless in Barrie, ON. Got another little project I thought I’d share with you. We had a customer looking for a sink. He sent us a drawing, and this is actually made of copper. I am not sure you can tell or not on the camera. It doesn’t look very nice from the front here; this is an undermount sink and obviously you’re not going to see the inside part that will be under the cupboard. I’ll show you what the inside looks like. We put a radius corner here, this is actually welded in the corner. The top is formed in an L shape here, with a half of the radius (We’ve done it in a few parts) and then we weld the corners together. Then weld it entirely along the bottom. We then grind the weld down, polish it up a bit and then send it over to my brother, Mark Scaife, he is at the Copper Monkey here in Barrie and he will do the patina work for us. This here is what the customer was looking for. We don’t choose the patina. There are many different ones that you can find on the internet and if you go to his website you can find a lot of them on there as well. Typically we give the customer all that information when they order a sink like this. This sink is made out of 16 gauge copper, which is quite thick. As some of you may know it is actually heavier than steel! So this sink is quite substantial and will last a long time. Another thing about copper is it is more antibacterial in its natural state than even stainless steel. You will never have a problem. If you scratch it or whatever, you may leave some little marks in it, but they really just add character. Its not going to effect anything long term. Thank you for watching. Have a great day!

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