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Custom Fenders

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Hey everybody! Its Warren here, from XL Stainless, in Barrie, Ontario. Another little project were working on here. It’s a 2002 Model BMW, I believe it’s a ’76. The customer actually had another fabrication shop, in Toronto where they built a custom tube frame and they did a really nice job. Then they put this body, essentially the shell, on top of the frame. He brought it up here to us in Barrie to do the finishing work. Were making some custom fender flares and then were going to have some custom side skirts, with of course a fender flare on the back. Were also going to have a little spoiler on the front, or splitter. There’s going to a be a little bit of a diffuser on the back as well. Were just in the midst of it. This fender is pretty well formed. We have to roll the edge over here still and obviously get it welded on to the existing fender. We’ve got our pieces formed for the skirt; they’re not trimmed to the final size yet. We also have one other fender, that’s actually the right rear fender, and its pretty well all formed and in the same boat as this one. It needs the final shape put in around the wheel and a lip formed around it. Over here we have one of the rear fenders for this side. Were in the middle of forming it and I thought I would stop half way to show you how their made.

This portion you can see these lines, those are actually where this has been shrunk down. So you take it and you come up with your pattern, you make a template, then you shrink this down. We have a power hammer. Some guys do it on a stump and we do that sometimes as well but I find the power hammer is pretty quick and it leaves a little less mark age than a stump style. Anyway, we shrunk it down so we get the basic shape and then as you can see here, we have started to smooth it out here again. We put the shrinking dyes in to shrink it initially and then we put in quite high crown lower anvil to start smoothing it out. Then we will work our way in to this area where it is going to be a very low crown. Just a slight crown in this area. Just thought you might be interested in seeing our little project as were working on it. I’ll probably make another video on it once we get it all done up and you’ll be able to see how it turned out. Thanks for watching!

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