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Custom Food Truck Options

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Hello everybody! It’s Warren here from XL Stainless in Barrie. I am just here to show you another little project we are working on. A customer of ours here in Barrie brought this mobile kitchen to us. It was a mobile bakery business here in Simcoe and he purchased the van and is converting it over to a gelato business. We removed the oven and most of the interior stuff. We are going to be making room for a refrigerator that he’s a got a built in unit to hold all of the gelato. This is sort of unique; he had a sliding door and he wanted to open this up so that he’d have a big door to serve people through. We actually cut this sliding door in half here and we welded this portion back, so its permanently attached to the van now. The bottom opens regularly but its just for rare instances, like if he had something large he needed to accommodate; such as if he had an issue with his refrigerator unit or something like that, he would have to move in or out. So for the most part, it is not going to be used. Were just in the process of capping it all with stainless steel, trimming it all around and then were building a door that’s going to open up similar to a coffee truck, with some cylinders and it will hinge up. As you can see we can do any custom metal work on vans, cars and pretty much anything. Were doing a few more modifications inside, trimming it out where we had to remove some stuff that was originally there. Of course this is a unique project but we can pretty much do anything with metal fabrication, custom metal parts and integrating new custom metal pieces. We can even customize camping vehicles if you needed something done. With camping season just around the corner and your camper is in Barrie or it’s surrounding area, we can definitely help you with your needs. This is the kind of thing we can do. If it is something you can dream up, it is something we can make come true for you. Until next time. Thanks again for watching.

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