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Custom Home Design

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Hello everybody, this is Warren from XL Stainless in Barrie, Ontario. I am here to talk to you about some of the home type products we have made or could make for you. We have done the usual stuff you would associate with stainless steel; kitchen cabinets, counters, range hoods, sinks and that type of thing. Every once in awhile we get into different types of projects. We have built some rod iron stair cases in some of the homes here in Barrie, even some really unique ones. Someone can see a picture, or come up with an idea and we will develop it along with them. Just something to remember as well when it comes to your custom stair case you may have engineering expenses at either our end or yours. Just something to keep in mind. We’ve done stair cases, railings. We have also built custom outdoor barbeque cabinetry. We don’t normally build the barbeque itself, but we built all the cabinets for them which is a project we just finished in Barrie. We can create custom outdoor sinks and counters and different things like that. We have also built different venting systems. If you bought something and your missing a piece to the puzzle and need to get it all sorted out, don’t be afraid to call us. Big or small projects, we try to accommodate them all. Thanks a lot.

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