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Hello everybody this is Warren from XL Stainless, in Barrie. Today I wanted to talk to you about a range hood that were making. This is just a range hood cover that will go around an insert. This is a rather large range hood. It is 5 feet long, 40 inches tall and 2 feet in depth. We make them to suit your needs in stainless steel, copper and we have even made mild steel ones as well. This one is far from finished. It will have some strapping on it and so on. A lot of times we get into ones with rivets to make it look more old and rustic. People see something on the internet now a days and we can duplicate pretty well anything that you come across. Keep us in mind if you need any kind of work like this. Sometimes it’s hard to find metal that matches your custom kitchen, we can create anything you need.

We also do stainless steel counters, back splashes, islands and counters with built in sinks and so on, we also install them in the Barrie area, or you can pick them up yourself. Keep us in mind for your next kitchen project. Thanks again.

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