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Big or Small Custom Projects

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Hello everyone! Its Warren from XL Stainless Metal Fabrication, here in Barrie, Ontario. I have a little part here with me, I just wanted to show you a small example of some of the types of projects we may get called upon from time to time. This is a part that the customer had, just this top square plate, was for a dust collector in a room at a pharmaceutical company. This is just a small part of the puzzle. This is actually going to become a vent for nitrogen. They introduced nitrogen into the machine as a milling product so that it reduces the amount of oxygen level, so that it can’t explode, as oxygen is flammable. We made a bunch of other fittings which allow the nitrogen into the product and then goes through the product and up; then it vents up. This is really the final part of the equation, where this end here will take a clamp, with another fitting and then a hose will just connect onto it. Its just a simple part. All the other ones were quite a bit more complicated. As you can see it doesn’t need to be a big, complicated part or procedure for us to be able to help you out with making a part up. We can do any job, whether it is as small as this or whether we build the entire custom system for you. Keep us in mind with your metal fabrication or welding needs. We service anywhere from Barrie to Orillia, almost all of Simcoe County. We will even go to Midland area. Anywhere within an hour radius! Thanks again.

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