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Custom Wheel Chair Repairs

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At XL Stainless we specialize in stainless steel, but every now and again we come across small projects, such as this wheelchair. We had a customer email me looking for a plate to stabilize this wheelchair and I asked them to pop by our metal shop here in Barrie so I could take a look at it. The customer brought it in to me, where we made a few suggestions that would actually utilize their existing plate. We would just have to reinforced it in a different direction. It had an extra wheel on the front for a sportier type wheelchair, which we have seen a few here in Barrie. When they put the extra wheel we just reinforced it so that it wasn’t flexing on them. This is just an example of the type of stuff we can do for you. We can pretty much customize anything metal for your home or business. Any project, or problem you have with metal we can help you out.

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