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New Mechanical Shop Launch

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Hello everybody! Warren here, from XL Stainless, in Barrie, Ontario. Just wanted to talk a little bit about our new shop. It is right across away from the other shop; if you know where that is: 661 Welham Road, Unit 4, Barrie, Ontario and this is 667 Welham Road, Unit 3. This is a similar type of shop, but this one has a drive-in door. We will now be able to accommodate vehicles much more easily. We are just getting cleaned up right now and organized. We have got an office, a rack over there and we are just working on a motorcycle right now that’s mine. Were just making a new back for it. We just cleaned up in the new shop and have a hoist to put in place. Then we are going to be doing a lot of custom work; more custom exhausts, lowering and raising vehicles and regular custom body modifications. If there is anything vehicle wise and also fabrication ideas, like we have always been doing, more so vehicles is what we will be doing over in this shop. We can accommodate anything. We have a 12 foot door so most tractor trailers will fit in here. We do get involved in custom tractor trailers too! We can do custom head racks, bumpers, deck plates, fuel tank skirts and straps. Stuff like that! Pretty well anything vehicle related we can help you with and accommodate now. That’s about it for today. I just wanted to share that with you. We are pretty excited to get going at it. Hopefully the hoist is in and running by Monday or Tuesday of next week so we can officially get started. Thanks for watching. Have a great day!

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